B A B Y P I N K & G R E Y

THINGS 1.png

Inspired by – and by inspired I mean I completely ripped off – >> this pin <<

I was thinking of some shitto from essex who clearly failed year 8 biology & probably doesn’t know what beta means

(I fucking LOVE urban dictionary like, it’s just so much more fun than the oxford dictionary. It’s a kinda more comprehensive take on the English language isn’t it? who really gives a fuck about the oxford dictionary??? does ANYONE?!)

[I can’t take credit for this, I’m pretty rubbish at the sciences too but it’s called a genetic diagram & basically explains how two dark haired people can’t actually have a blonde haired and blue eyed baby]

That’s what you get for marrying a cheating picasso painting (like, once you’ve seen one of them you’ve seen them all & they’re only “valuable” because of the name of the dude wot painted them and they’re not really all that nice to look at, lets be honest) & calling me

(P.S I might be HIDEOUSLY ugly but I know THE best plastic surgeons in this country and I really don’t think I’ve got anything wrong with me that can’t be fixed.)
(P.S.S So0o. Tell me… super-hottie-ultra-good lookin’ sex-bomb…HOW are you gonna fix this tiny problem????)

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