G O (L) D I S P U R P L E ?

Not really. Not at all. More of a milky colour. Maybe the full colour spectrum… which is still nothing without light & darkness. I’m only speaking figuratively.

Does everyone have a price? What would you pay someone, to keep a secret? Whats your hush-style? Or would you instead threaten them into silence? Doesn’t a threat suddenly cause a secret to become much more valuable? A secret that might have been worth ending lives for? For example. You know.

Of course I’m only speaking hypothetically.

But also … when you threaten someone & hold some kind of weakness against them; are you really just exposing your own deepest fears? Or are you returning a favour from way-back-when? Every time you go full cycle you become stronger. What happens when death is no longer of any consequence? When you know that we’ll only end up here again in some other time and place?

You have debts to pay & that will leak into everything you do & live. Forever. You will pay back those debts somehow. That is karma. Pick the path of least resistance. Women often build friendships on shared secrets, so, how do you treat your friends?

Some thoughts. But I’m under no illusion that you are interested in hearing my thoughts. You prefer silence & that is something I do quite well.


Published by KARINITA


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