This year I was fortunate enough to manifest owning half a property with my sister. That was after several months of listening to Abraham, through Esther Hicks.

It’s a one bedroom, ground floor flat in Surrey & my sister’s been having it redesigned and decorated. I should ask her to send over some before & afters!
So.. the top photo is some of the stuff she’s moving out. The second photo is …. some of my stuff. (I made a little video, go check it out on my iPhone diary later today!)

My parents have been getting furious with how much stuff I’ve been having delivered to the house because the dogs bark like crazy (orders every one or two hours in the morning and early afternoon for afew days) but opening THREE shops and a service is always going to be noisy business.

So Vogue tweeted about Yeezy’s genius ad campaign. >> Here’s the article. << Kanye got Wifye to go out in his new collection and she got snapped & put her favourite photos on her insta and thats how the campaign was launched! I updated >> The I Love List << with my season 6 faves & some other cute stuff I found.

The clothes are made-per-order & I think thats a special for two reasons: it sends out three messages to me, personally. As I’m opening my own shops i’m trying to learn seller-strategy. So I’ll share my observations about this –

Firstly, he’s clearly designing to create art, not to make money. I have no impression that he cares whether his art sells or not. Of course it will, it’s the kind of stuff that’ll probably be scooped up by the Victoria & Albert museum some day. But I don’t feel selling was his primary motivation.

Secondly – everything he has created is stuff that he truly thinks is wearable – so, what I take from this – is to only sell things I would really want for myself.

Finally – I think it’s an eco-friendly advancement strategy that the fast-fashion industry can perhaps take some consideration of. I’m not actually the most eco-friendly consumer but I am trying to become more aware as I hope to manifest large-scale businesses over the next year.

When you buy ‘designer’ items to sell – fashion houses often won’t sell you stock unless you are able to pay thousands upon thousands worth of ‘cost’ upfront for it, that means selling a very high quantity of garments. Which always comes with a potential risk. Obviously having the right to sell garments for a reputable fashion house is an absolute honour but truth be told this is a serious issue I have with luxury – for a myriad of reasons. Firstly – when I worked on a shop floor selling clothes in an affluent town, I learned that it was important to show no more than two or three items at a time to give the illusion of the item being exclusive. Secondly – I really believe that if designers thought less in terms of seasons and more in terms of weeks, they would better serve the fashion-economy. Fashion shows could become as accessible an event as visiting an art gallery, etc.
I think the kind of people that buy designer items (the kind that I’d personally like to sell to) are the kind that won’t be seen in the same ensemble twice. If designing clothes or accessories was my sole profession I’d want to be designing five or so things a day with a “buy it right now, or regret it forever” energy.

LOOK AT THIS. I cannot afford this yet. But I can decorate my piece-of-the-internet with it. It’s 18K gold and it’s £££££££££. Good for Ye. It’s a necklace… but I would wear it as an overlapped bracelet. If you have £££££ you can buy it >> here. <<


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