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Edited on 10 December 2017 – I’ve been really pushing my Artist… Bael & Ixta fragments you are proving EXPENSIVE. Enjoy an unfinished section of one of your non physical portraits, for my graphic novel.

My Artist deserves all the credit in the World and I’ll give her that when she’s designed the full pantheon for my debut edition… which I’ll be taking to Marvel, I think.


Edited on 7 December 2017 to add: I LOVE GUCCI. This feels like some cosmic birthday present. And if it is, THANKS I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE IT.


This dream could not have been realised without Final Fantasy VII. Thanks for killing off the first character I ever really felt to be my own. 😦 THE FIRST THING CLOUDO EVER REALLY LOVED11one!!

And a personal hero of mine… Bryan Konietzko. I started watching Last Airbender in a challenging time of my life, after picking up some box sets at Cex at the recommendation of an old bestfriend. This was before I understood how to stream shows, plus I wanted to watch on a big screen and I think buying DVDs is a good way of giving back to the Artist-Masters of our time. One New Years Eve when I had finished watching all of the episodes.. I googled and found out that Legend of Korra was about to come out. I saw this.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 08.11.43.png

So, in the wait for that show I introduced Aang’s story to some not-nice-userish people I was hanging out with… They projected onto a pantheon I strongly felt to be my own but left me out – or they’d say I was Toph if I was around – and Azula when I wasn’t. I love Toph and I love Azula, but there was an insult implied with both comparisons that hurt my feelings a lot. Azula had a mental breakdown & gets imprisoned – where Zuko had a redemption arc and ended up being Lord of the Firenation. Zuko stole a birth-right from Azula and perpetuated his family’s karmic cycle of usurpation. Becoming Firelord was something he could NEVER have done without the contrast of Azula, pushing him to learn to struggle and fight – & without his Uncle – who raised him, taught him how to fight and… who really should’ve been Firelord. But I guess knowing Iroh, I think he would’ve stepped back from that because of what he had done in Ba Sing Se. The narrative suggests he gave up his ambitions for power after the death of his son, but I believe that both his failure to capture BSS and maybe the struggle of overcoming that blow to his self esteem – and the fact that he found solace and purpose in serving tea… had some part to play too. I think Iroh’s growth would’ve been in taking back what was his and raising Azula the way he did with Zuko.
Personally, if I had written the narrative – Aang would’ve ended up with Azula or Toph. I think your greatest personal growth thru relationships comes from people who act as your polar opposite. Fast forwarding to Korra – I don’t think a narrative that ends with Katara & Toph in isolation is any kind of resolution at all. I think Sokka is retarded for not pursuing Toph… a single parent, who turns out to be maybe the best parent in the entire series.

Eventually Korra came out and I got ‘my own’ character. When I was born – maybe this is a thing with everyone?- but when I was born I had bright blue eyes. She kind of looked like some residual self image I might’ve had of myself in my teens. I should try and find that photo we have.
And it was funny because I knew a watersign that likened herself to Katara, I used to teach her all sorts of things – that I had both learned from teachers and of my own accord – and she’d go off and teach other people without crediting me… they used to patronise me by repeating the things I’d taught her without wondering where she’d learned. Anyway – she was a cancerian, like my mother, who is much more like Katara than her. It matters to me, because water is associated with emotion and it was Katara’s association with water and Azula’s association with fire (At the time, and on occasion, I am a ‘sagittarius’) made me her.
Korra is a waterbender but the first thing you really see her bending is fire after she’s been trained, and that made me so happy.
I didn’t have those friends around so much anymore though. The episodes were so synchronistic with what I was going through at the time and they got me through what turned out to be the toughest years of my entire life. I remember sitting in bed with a friend, when I had anorexia, and child-Korra is in spirit World with Iroh (One of my favourite characters of all time) and he offers her spirit cake and says “it won’t make you gain any weight!” and I cried a bit. The sad thing is that I projected Zaheer onto my brother – and he gets imprisoned. I feel like there are these two consistent contrasting energies present in that show that need to evolve archetypally beyond only ever working together solely to benefit from it.

This all sounds childish maybe, but it’s actually a really important phase in our personal growths. I still get upset about it. As a group we were all still young – as people at University are (EVEN the lecturers). We were all people growing up, having experienced trauma, loneliness and difficulties in our familial relationships. We lived in a tiny-town that I always thought to be like Twin Peaks. Growing up, the shows/games/activities that I attached myself to were really the only things that ever verbalised whatever inner truth I could cling on to, whatever no one could take away from me. I guess it was important that I realised how they perceived me – it made me realise that there are characters in every story that don’t get the proper acknowledgement that they deserve. And anyway… I got Korra. I don’t think anyone could doubt that she’s – as far as 2D archetypes go – mine.

I think in some way I would like to explore Toph/Aeris/Azula in my graphic novel. And I think I’d like to create a pantheon with a character for everyone.

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