Rainbow, rainbow. Inspiration? Co-creation?

Afew weeks ago I wrote about a job application I really exhausted myself putting together, by tailoring a twenty one page book of art concepts and illustrations. Inspired by their brand ambition to empower women, I felt excited at the prospect of working for a company that shared my personal values.

I was not right for the position, a decision I accepted. However, upon perusing their editorials a month later, I came across something that didn’t sit right with me. This is what I saw – beautiful work unlike anything else in their editorial gallery. I’d love to credit the team that put this image together but that’s not possible, and I’ll get to that in a sec.
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 00.27.29
Here’s a close-up.
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 00.27.41

Here’s a section of a page I included in the book. I thought it was kinda cute.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 01.03.12.png

This is the final page.


As a detail oriented person.. I’m not convinced that my work didn’t have a part in influencing the editorial.

Of course I could be mistaken: that is to say: after a period of anger, I’ve accepted the potential for the similarities to be pure coincidence. There is nothing like that editorial anywhere else on their site.

I’d like to discuss some of the personal symbolism that featured in my own work.

Colours inspire feelings in me, light affects my mood, profoundly. It’s a purely subjective experience I discussed with a GP years ago – who told me I have synesthesia. Years before that conversation I had a sort-of-colour-blind friend who saw letters and numbers in all sorts of strange colours – and thats what I thought synesthesia was. Well, last year I learned that it actually takes many forms.
On my second day in Denmark, when I was staying as a guest in a mansion occupied by a fantastic collective, with whom a friend was staying – I met someone who told me that everyone has a form of synesthesia. Then we went outside and saw a huge rainbow. That little synchronistic moment was a huge source of inspiration for me – I had been feeling that life had lost it’s colour. I used to want nothing more than to be a creator.

Last year I began an MA degree, to try and explore creating packaging, something I’ve been interested in a long time. (I’m a visual person – I take packaging really seriously. Right down to barcode placement.) That decision didn’t go well for me – because I find working in a team challenging. I didn’t like people taking ownership of concepts I believed to be my own. But I reached a breakthrough that I’ll discuss in a moment. Basically, a negative experience with my MA made me give up.

>> Then at a Halloween party I was introduced to a woman who exuded magic and creativity. She let me glimpse her personal world through beautiful, unrivalled illustrations. <<
She made me excited about art again. In every sense. I told her I think she’s an angel. I once had a necklace made for someone who has a similar energy to her, and it had “angel mother” engraved on it. ❤ I just found out they share a middle name, too.

Here was my personal breakthrough. I often speak about Abraham Hicks online, who I consider to be a teacher of mine – though we’ve never met.
Today when I woke up I put one of her videos on YouTube. She says that ultimately ‘ideas’ aren’t yours – they belong to source. I think if I want to develop as an artist it’s important to credit my sources of inspiration.

So I will accept the entire thing as a wonderful mass-co-creation, from my end, certainly, involving people that probably don’t even know I exist. I might’ve deserved some credit for contributing to that editorial – but then I realised that this company doesn’t even appear to credit their own, fantastic resident artists… Not really a company I want to work for I guess. I’m glad I didn’t get that job because if I had worked on a piece of art for a company that didn’t even put my name to it, I’d be really upset.

Dear NakedCPH, in the event that you read this: my advice, coming from a place of love, is that in business… empowerment begins with the people that work for you.

Basically, there’s this clip I shared on FaceBook advertising a film making course, where Werner Herzog talks about film makers, but I think perhaps he’s talking about all creators really – he says “we are thieves”. Here’s the first breakthrough: I agree.

Here’s the second. One time a spiritual teacher was trying to teach me about “soul fragments” – she didn’t use those words, and she was very ambiguous in her explanation. But now I understand: she showed me a piece of art and said “I made that.” But.. I knew she didn’t physically create it. I just realised now: her soul/archetypal energy made it.

Here’s the third breakthrough: amongst the saddest stories throughout history are those belonging to teachers and muses of artist thieves.

Edited on 20 November to add this – the image was taken from Chris Riddel’s twitter


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