It’s been a long time since I felt like documenting things.

Years ago, before Instagram and even before I started using Facebook – I used to carry a camera around with me wherever I went. I loved to create memories and lived for capturing the little things that I saw so much beauty in. For awhile I stopped doing that. For about three years I lived a life I didn’t think was worth documenting or remembering at all, and carrying a camera around gave me an anxiety I associated with not wanting to take up space. Right now I am full of appreciation for the worst moments I experienced because I know that things can – and must – change. If you’re in an unhappy place: (and I have been in maybe all the unhappy places – so I say this with certainty) it’s temporary.
It might last an age, but it won’t last forever.

So I thought I’d talk a little about where I am in life right now.

I am charging up a spirit bomb of projects intended for print, that; upon collective completion – I’d like to think will be a defining stage in my creative identity. I don’t feel quite right talking about these projects yet, but I will talk about one! The justification being that it couldn’t exist if I didn’t talk about it.

I’m currently putting together a 77 page zine called Scribble Scribble! A mess-aesthetic passion project I see as a very limited edition glossy print. Essentially it’s a curation of art pieces contributed by friends and strangers, and there’s already a really unusual narrative forming, connecting the pieces together in a way I hadn’t imagined. It’s so exciting to put together. The internet is so magical.

I’ve wanted to self publish a zine since I was around twenty-two, so its been five years coming. This is a mock up of the front cover.


The aesthetic is inspired by a girl’s bathroom I wandered into one night around May of this year, when I was living in Copenhagen.


In other, less future-oriented news, I recently visited the Tate Britain and it was so much fun! I walked around taking photographs of strangers interacting with art, came home with a few postcards (one of which is featured in the little collage above) and a gorgeous coffee table book (which I should scan in at some point!) and most importantly an even deeper determination to create-create-create. If you are looking to be inspired I encourage you to visit an art gallery.
Here’s a video of my Instagram stories from that night.

2017 has been one of the best years of my life. It hasn’t been tremendously eventful but I’ve developed a lot as an individual with the help of some really special people (friends/youtubers/abraham hicks and alan watts!) and I am so happy right now.

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