“cover everything BUT their eyes mang” “grow a beard she likes those” IS IT A LIE THOUGH “shes into sweat. she likes the pheramones” “youd need like 20 lip injections” “you’re BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE OKAY” gabrielisms Do not call angels that do not like drugs and steal peoples partners – if you dont want them to mess around with you back. if your intentions are bad, gabriel will think its funny and join in and regret it later and time travel to when you were high to embarrass you infront of your entire culture years down the line. “MOHAMMED IS A PEDO@@@@” “yes technically so is god” “THEY ARE SEXUALISING OUR SEXY ARAB WOMEN” “oh, cover them up then.” “THEY ARE MENSTRUATING WHEN I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM@@” “right, put them in a hole in the ground. it’ll sort that out”

I use the top bit of my web browser to write film scripts for religious comedies while i study for my alevel in law

Lucifer would go one step further, and have a woman in a burqa stand beside a woman in nothing but pure black sunglasses – and Mohammed would be able to draw the inside of the woman in the burqa’s body.. not not the naked woman’s. Eyes are the window to the self and if things work in levels it begins in physical and transcends into pure energy

Lucifer is theatre, Gabriel is irony and comedy

The reason that Lucifer was the head of the angels, was that Lucifer could do all of their jobs. They were very specifically inclined aspects of Lucifer’s personality. Humans were meant to be a reflection of specifically inclined aspects of God’s personality.

The book of genesis wasn’t about bowing or slavery or anything such the like. It was that Lucifer realised that God hadn’t been paying for some services that Lucifer was unaware of at points of their growth as yin and yang beings throughout every Universe

Not paying for energy expended on your behalf, is wrong. I mean karmically it makes no sense. Where are angels getting their energy from?


I meditate about past lives and I get funny stuff to write about it

it’s putting words to thoughts and vibrations – i mean if you want inspiration, look into the details not the bigger picture

how do you create your own archetypes? look at the minutiae of your life. so if I were writing a terrible stereotype – I’d pick the sound vibrations I associate with what makes up that person’s physical identity.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 15.11.03.png

These are, to me, german sounding women’s names. Those are the sounds I associate with german women – in a characterised and rather funny world. If you wanted comedy and picked Gabriel – that was wrong. And my way of teaching you that was waiting for a time period where you could read the things that Gabriel was documented saying and evaluate them once we had lived the aftermath of “eve eating the apple”.
Yes it is racist – move on from that, the thing that kept racism alive is that the jokes were funny and we had to seek ‘peculiar’ in other cultures to learn that – allow those stereotypes to become ARCHETYPES of ALL. Comedy stops being about tragedy when you pursue a life in a world where there is none. It begins with not fighting at home. What is funny when you lose interest in the humour you find in something like shadenfreud?

If you wanted comedy and picked me – religious education becomes pure comedy when you transfer those angels into the characters that build the pantheon of all your favourite stories – games/film etc.

Shakespeare supposedly had three archetypes, for men, and for women. And age groups that tie in with the fates of past, present and future (there are really four fates, one is invisible and she does the spy work. She is the eye they share.).

I mean this isn’t the blog post to pretend I can put a formula to the word ‘event’. What is the formula for creating a good ‘event’ and what symbol could possibly represent or signify that chemical structure and how does that concisely contribute to whatever condensed formula creates a love vibration and how that ties into the archetypes of all manner of beings in a not-animal farm kind of way – because if we are all suffering we are all made equal by something

You have no idea how far I have taken this and from where it could have begun and neither do we. Not being able to answer other people’s questions is why I had abortions really


If you can find three figures in religion, or any figure of ancient history or mythology – and analyse them to infinity (it begins with analysing the archetypes of your life) – work out who is YOUR god – who is YOUR lucifer – who is your gabriel –

So when you watch the office – thoughts planted – who is God? Who is Gabriel? Who is Lucifer?

Then – WHY?

every time i hate them they go all bdsm and join team judas and really, really both irritate and piss me off because even if i fucking despise you i am a team player

Yes musicals have a reputation for being ‘cringe’ but Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius. He made T.S Eliot’s catatonic poetry enjoyable to millions. I mean if you couldn’t do a better job of orchestrating a musical you really have no place being embarrassed by enjoying one. Anyway even if you don’t want to watch it, I think that the role of Judas is the most challenging singing role in musical theatre – because of these unsurpassable performances

Also is the 70s version better? I genuinely struggle with it. Whose performance is more impressive? Both are perfect but really who is a better Judas?

It actually fucks me up as someone who is so passionate about casting

When 70s Judas screams it also fuCKs me up because like you can hear he really wants to fucking cry and there is so much energy to that sound vibration

and when you turn on the radio you hear fuck all music that has that affect on you

“if something is interesting or attractive to you – before anything, work out why it is. and working out the why of anything takes many years. all motives can be developed and refined but first there must be honesty and the capacity – and the right – to express that honesty without fear of judgement” SL

my personal truth is that I have achieved the best results when I’ve done the things I’ve felt I ought to, even if I knew better.


there’s a bit where she says “there’s something, there’s something there” and some guy’s shadow photobombs behind a door.

There is a guy in this on the decks that looks like Jeremy from Peepshow’s doppelganger. Also this is all the violins so I think of Jeremy Zuckerman

All the things any Jeremy could ever want to do, I guess…

fast forward to the bit with the barbershop quartet

I’m trying this new thing where I offer no more than a sentence to a topic. People don’t have the concentration for the amount of shit I write.

This guy I was living with years ago once said “girls are DISGUSTING” and I said “yeah we are”.

I’ll keep this concise, I have taken shits bigger than most people’s brains since I was a baby. That means I physically can’t move sometimes. It is a disability.

It is difficult to carry around half a stones worth of what my mother describes as “toxic waste”. And what my spiritual teacher would describe as “negative energy”.
Scientifically both are correct and like most people’s opinions about things that I go through that they don’t – I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want your opinion about anything unless it is superior to mine.

I don’t want to hear that I’m lazy and I don’t do anything – whatever you can do – I can do better and I can do it looking dainty as fuck – carrying a months worth of shit in my stomach.

I mean I did ballet/acrobatics/gymnastics without taking a shit for weeks. Yes it sounds really sad and painful and omg how did you manage if you word it like that – but actually I kept quiet about it because my problems aren’t your business. So in addition to that, I was bullied the fuck out of for stuff that I often didn’t do – and if I did do it – how great did it make your life for awhile?

Don’t patronise me

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 15.29.41.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 15.32.01.png

back when girls thought applying make up meant wearing eyeliner.

She likes Ninja swords not samurai swords
She likes charcoal
She wants to be a mercenary
She cares a lot about the diamond trade
She will be polite if you waste her time but also you won’t forget it
She doesn’t currently exist technically
And also human ideals and relationships around the idea of family are lies so she’s not coming here to be someone’s ‘daughter’ or ‘little girl’ or to be called a ‘good girl’ and the fact that humans still need to label each other those things is indicative of a person who thinks love involves having sex with people. She is not one of those people but has the appropriate pity for people who are those people.

Her babysitters are all the league of legends boys currently over 25, especially the unattractive ones. If you leave the house looking a mess you’re not hanging out with her. If you are hanging out with her you will feel weird if you try to leave the house looking bad – but also you’ll go up and be immediately drawn to a WAY better outfit. You won’t start obsessing about your physical appearance – just about how bad you may or may not look. It’s specific and if you get anything else it’s someone lying. I mean you know what she’s like. We don’t hang out.

This is her cousin Hope’s favourite song cos it has her name in it and also as much as I loathe my sister – and I do entirely – she is a really, really good dancer and so you know that for however pitiful (im joking) her child might be – however many overpriced silk bowties might be sitting in his room  – he’ll be a great dancer

the men at the end are all of blood’s boyfriends who need protections