The first episode of the Kids show I’m doing is so exciting! I semi-negged myself into taking it a bit further & I’m being a little bit more experimental with it. Go big or go home, I guess. I’ve hired some artists to illustrate some of the assets, because I don’t think there’s anything more important than keeping Artists working. ^_^

Actually Abraham & Esther Hicks say it’s really important to co-create, all ideas belong to source. I think that the more I share, the more comes to me. I’m a little petty and reluctant to share stuff I do/think of – but actually a large part of my current creative state is due to me sharing/annotating everything I’m doing. If I inspire you please credit me!

DaniPandi is drawing my thumbnail image & its so0o0 fantastic. I’m in love with these preliminary sketches!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.19.51

Think I’m going to go with G or H… I love all of them though… so it’s just so hard to choose!

Wouldn’t Miss Kittie & Peaches the Cat be the cutest anime duo? Tintin is going to have a special e-episode of his own, of course – he’ll be playing the main character. Probably Anubis. I spent a fortune (not a fortune by anyone else’s standards I’m sure, but certainly by my *own* standards) on some more things to perfect my bedroom room & I’m already preparing for my next two? videos.

Here are some stills… Some super self-resenting ADHD part of me tells me it’s not really even nearly finished but I shut that part of me up by sitting in the kitchen in pure silence, smoking cigarettes & staring into space.

This ribbon – which has proven to be surprisingly difficult to animate – was designed by Jerick.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.33.19

My Grandmother embroidered my name & birth details into a beautiful little cushion that she hand-made, using this font, in baby pink. It’s in my head a lot, because of L from Death Note.. Maybe L is my heir, y’know? (Death Note enthusiast joke)
Some cute, telepathic, ultra psychic who calculates via his intuitions and feelings. People like that don’t just happen!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.31.05

I sit like this sometimes, when I’m around people I don’t know so well, because I did Ballet. Also I had a lovely headmistress years ago – when I went to a school that is basically Hogwarts, who used to put her hands in her lap & was actually ridiculously feminine.

Thoughts of people I’ve seen and/or known, run through my head fast & I feel like I exchange something – watching through this video has been quite interesting because I recognised a collective of expressions and gestures that my “Miss Kittie” alterego must’ve liked and stolen?

I haven’t really been called Kittie since I was fifteen – but it’s a nickname someone who I don’t really talk to and I exchanged with one another for years. It’s weird when you spend a few years with a name, and then lose it for one reason or another – any little sound that you respond to connects to a vibration in your personal identity.
I don’t think many people have ever really experienced this me. Some have, but most people don’t really know how to engage with her so she disappears. She’s really easily bored. When I’m exposed to people – I am a completely different person.. People are like chemicals. When you share energy, you experience an alchemical change anyway. I am very, very selective about who I share energy with nowadays.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.31.33

We have someone in the house redecorating and it’s coming along pretty fabulously. Someone – either him or my mother – is listening to Jungle music. I can’t.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.31.54

This little grey cat (Peaches, thankyou; if you please) is a beanie baby I’ve had for a zillion years. Stolen back from the pack of chihuahuas who stole her eyes from her… Naughty Aztecs. Some time ago – I was on the search for a little kitten friend and I found an ad for a really beautiful little grey kitten with tiger-stripes & the lady said “we call her Peaches”. Ha. (Death Note enthusiast joke)

Peaches the Cat never happened – but the chat gave me a weird vibe, developed a League of Legends addiction & then got sectioned again.
I’m a lot more in control over my capacity to get weird vibes – when I get ‘weird’ vibes or ‘anxiety’ – which is not often at all actually – I chill with Abraham Hicks & Pinterest. There’s a lot to be said about the truth of Anxiety & weird vibes – but it’s a conversation for another time – a more honest time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.32.18

This is a little crown I commissioned, isn’t it cuuuute?

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.32.45

I’ve been toying with dressing the way I visualised myself in my head for years – and I’ve been stealing bits from my various favourite anime characters. I’ve acquired the bravery to don a leg harness from Lulu (Final Fantasy X), Eren Jeager and Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan) – (I did a google search for them & there is so much Yaoi of them making out & it really, really grosses me out and I don’t know why…)

I don’t know who did the following pieces of art but they’re all lovely ~*~*



also I saw a pap-photo of Taylor Swift donning a super-casual-harness & looking amazing awhile ago.

>> I stole this photo off google <<

So uh, I bought these two items yesterday!

Isn’t it wonderful how this little dress sort-of looks like an A-line babydoll I designed ages ago?!


It’s nice to see these designs represented in physical because I had the patterns drawn up by an Artist & I’m having them sent to Syria, a relative of mine has a cotton factory. Syria has been pretty affected by the War – I think it’s important to do my bit.

Anyway… I have pretty big legs so I hope the harness fits. The back of the leg-bits are elastic rather than actually being made of belts – so.. we’ll see. I’m off to do some illustration, maybe add some more to the final edit of my episode while I wait for the assets to come in… harass my mother to take me to get some food…

“Do what you do best – and what you enjoy.” – Stan Lee

In this interview Stan Lee talks about doing the things he really, really wanted to do – and not doing everything he wanted to do. I’m doing a LOT of things at the moment – I know that generally successful people suggest that you should pick something and stick to it – but everything I do improves every other thing I do. Every tiny ambition or idea that I see through to any level, inspires something else. I’ve got SO much to do – and last night I had Esther’s voice in my head saying “You’ll NEVER be done! There will always be more to do” Exactly the kind of thing an eternal creature would love to hear.



Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 13.14.09.pngThat feeling – when some distant positive thought tells you: “oh, I’ll have finished editing this in like 5 hours” & then After Effects blows you an 8 Hour rendering-time air kiss. (And then you realise you actually really, really, really needed to animate a few more things into your video. Ugh. So annoy me.)
Excuse me while I nap for several hours sketchiz6 2

I’m doing everything on my 2 year old Macbook Pro and everyone knows that Apple products have a lifespan of exactly 2 years

OMG I’m joking darling little Macbook, I love you dearly, and like me.. you shall never, ever, ever, ever die



I cannot emphasise enough how much of a busy queen bee I am at the moment. It’ll be a year or so, before I launch. But I do think my shoppe site is a work of Art. I dub the look Aesthetic Renaissance 7.7. It’s colourful, tacky & somewhat inspired by a 90’s episode of The Simpsons, where comic book guy goes online & spends about five hours waiting for a soft-core porn image to load. If you click the image it’ll take you to my fabulous little  online shoppe.


I’m trying a little video-something here, I like it – but decided against putting it on the shop site. That is not to say that my blog is any less special to me though ❤


o0o, I’m tremendously excited about all the wonderful things I’m going to be selling. If you are an artist/musician/designer/creator of any kind and you’re looking for a UK-based stockist for your product(s), and you think we could compliment one another’s vibes, let me know. Really, I want to hear from you.



When I was trying to work out a colour palette for my debut video on my little spirituality-for-kids channel, I edited this little collection of bloopers – and it disappeared from my laptop. I didn’t even bother rolling my eyes but instead started working on the final version. And only moments ago, that disappeared from my laptop too! Then: out of nowhere this one showed up again. So here are the fantastic bloopers. I filmed this without a preconceived idea for a script, while I was listening to an Abraham Hicks talk which actually synchronised with what happened shockingly well…

I got HONEY in my HAIR. I’ve spent the last few days editing & sorting out my bedroom… I haven’t had the time to wash it out. I’ve literally not had the time! Honey is really good for hair though so it’s fine. Uncomfortable, but fine.

I got a very cute storyline for my mini-movie out of nowhere – and that is pretty much how Life, The Art of Manifestation and Attraction… and everything remotely challenging & enjoyable about existing works. I’m excited to show you the final outcome!

I messed about a little with sounds too. Music isn’t my forte but there are some cute tiny bits that I’m proud of.


T W I N K L E , T W I N K L E , D R E A M *~

I’d like to begin this by saying I have a huge crush


A whole load of years ago, when iPods transitioned to iPhones – I sent a message to a guy I was seeing, in between one of the 8-hour naps I had been taking. So the touch-screen-technology experience was still a novelty at this point. My message said “Swipe for Magic!”

And then, I put lots of asterixeseses, squiggles and symbols into the message – which I thought were magical looking. Kind of like this –


He rang me up and told me that he swiped the stars, really believing that something magical would happen – perhaps some kind of beautiful phone-explosion. It’s funny to me, because he was so vehemently atheist and his feet were firmly cemented in empiricist philosophy  – so the idea that he could swipe a piece of technology expecting some kind of magic is something of beauty.

One time when we were seeing each other, we were having a huge argument about my belief in magic… a really horrible argument. A huge flock of parakeets (We apparently have those in Ealing – my mother’s town – but really – the flock was huge) idly flew onto an Apple tree in my mother’s garden. They sure pacified the silly argument we were having. (Arguing is really rooted in passion anyway – I had a relationship with a guy I never argued with and I have not on one single occasion missed him since we broke up – before I went to Copenhagen.) Anyway – I’d like to think that little exchange between myself and this guy (his nickname was “Elusive Fox”) inspired this video… oh! I’ve finally gone about creating that kid’s channel that I mentioned in my last post.

Oh! Also I think I can’t go without admitting for a moment how in love I’ve always been with animations by Don Bluth… Thumbelina is sooo beautiful! (I’m the camp Swallow, archetypally. By the way.) Isn’t Thumbelina such a sugarbaby?!

I kind of think that Cornelius is actually gay & that he should’ve atleast tried dating the Swallow and that Thumbelina should’ve married the blind mole and had a million boyfriends on the side. But that’s just me

“We’ll seeee the Uuuuuniverse and dance on Saturn’s riiiiinggssssssss”

(The videos yet to come but I think the super fabulous Auntie Sophie inspired my aesthetic.)

I’ve always wanted to make Art for kids – and I think this is along the vein of doing so. Teach what you know best, right?

Ok – this is kind of serious but I know the people it’s intended for have a tendency to not take me very seriously. This is really, really important.
I know I attract people with a dark sense of humour, and I know my interests/personal aesthetic/art appreciation & endeavours take me to all sorts of child-inappropriate places (Like PornHub) …. (which is why my ideal audience has to be a child who probably can’t read yet) … but please don’t associate that stuff with this. Just have a little respect – if not for me, then for any vulnerable person that might come across my channel that isn’t really ready to see some of the stuff I enjoy looking at.

I know I’m an easy target here, but don’t make a target of anyone else – and try not to make an excuse to justify ruining this for me, ok?




Today I got a FB message from someone I met awhile ago when I was living in Copenhagen & he had something pretty nice to say about my blog. I think I was abrupt with him but actually I’m not used to anything but soliloquies about what I’m upto. {If you read this, I was actually very flattered.} Also he’s an Aquarius and they’re dangerous territory. Maybe too clever for me to speak to without panicking a little bit.

I made a video I’m quite proud of, for stocking fetishists. My colour palette was inspired by Renaissance paintings, hence the title.



Last night I shot a video for the kids YouTube channel I’m making, that I think I’ll be putting on Japanese YouTube. I think I’ll need to hire a Japanese speaking voice actress.

Here are some stills. I’ve no idea if I’ll like the final edit at this point – it’s not really looking how I’d like it to have looked – but I believe that great work is always a process – so if this is the worst I can do it’s not so bad. #HotChocolateParty.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.10.26Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.10.46Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.11.02Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.11.29

So, as far as my to-do list goes (one sec I’m just popping onto Amazon quickly)

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 16.03.34.png

omg how beautiful is my PS2? I actually need to come up with a name for her. She has a younger brother (ps4?) in Copenhagen… That I bought so I could play Final Fantasy 15. I’m waiting on the remake of FF VII now, so I’m excited for them to meet at some point.





I attract contrasting experiences because somewhere deep in my subconscious I absolutely believe I need to – to grow. It’s an unfortunate life-long habit. The details of any particular story are unimportant when you believe in Karmic theory… when you believe humans are inclined to perform cyclically. You can replace individuals in any story with some fictional character that represents their contribution to the narrative.

I don’t like ambiguity, I don’t like details left out, I like to know what’s being discussed. I’m nosey. (Actually I’m not so nosey, more curious: where there is adequate justification. And sometimes there isn’t, sometimes it’s a self defence mechanism – when I’m functioning on a low vibrational frequency. Sometimes it’s jealousy – sometimes it’s concern – sometimes it’s some other emotion I haven’t learnt the word for.)
When I meet a person, if they are special enough to capture my attention – and so seldom is this the case – I like to know how they happened. I am personally attracted to that and those which can convince me – with success – that I have not experienced them before in any shape or form.
I like to understand things/beings – if I perceive them to be special enough I will mentally travel to the ends of the Multiverse in an effort to really understand them. Sometimes I regret this aspect of myself, but I suppose information comes at a price. (Thats really a beauty of retail actually, how you earn a certain amount of money for a certain amount of energy expended determines how you value a price for an item… but when it comes to something like information – which is not material – the notion of the price you may have to pay is quite open to possibility.) And I access more information than anyone else ever has – I assure you – if my intentions are in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.

When one believes (as I do) that the people that come into your life are ‘replacements’ of those you grew up surrounded by, (It’s a concept discussed in counselling therapy but my spiritual education gives the concept a context that better resonates with me) – if your life has made of you, a nature that is bound to character analysis… What childhood experiences are you trying to make sense of by living your life?
In childhood to adolescence to adulthood we essentially become conditioned, we sacrifice our truer natures to adjust – to become acceptable to society – we are forced to succumb to a societal thinking in order to ‘survive’. A quality of human & community and ‘connectivity’ that I am repelled by. I’ve tried being ‘normal’ – I’m not capable of it.

I’m irritated by someone who… people’s chosen guidance systems (such as religion) necessitate that I respect, the hive-mind teaches that this individual is my ‘example’. This individual broke an agreement with me. I’m at a phase of reliving my karma with this person, in a proximity I’ve never before endured. The result of this is the quiet (loud) realisation that they’re a disgusting person. I find them revolting. I can’t find anything compensatory about their difficult qualities – I once got a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant in Kent that said a sense of humour makes up for what you’re not… I don’t even find them funny. I find them useless. Expecting of me, something that they’re wrong to.

[I mean.. I’m not trying to give away too much but there’s an excerpt somewhere, in which Germaine Greer confronts the little girl that likes to flirt with her daddy. I’m not, and have never been, that little girl. Actually that became an issue – I spent my life being selectively mute and was thought to be intensely stupid for it.]

I know more than anyone that people demand strange perfection from others – and I am not perfect – but I try my hardest to be imperfect in a way that only really affects me. I have a lot to contribute to others that they’ve never learned to see value in until I was long out of their lives. It sounds stupid to say, but when I studied ballet I was taught that with great skill there must be a sense of effortlessness. This thing/pirouette/leap I’m doing that’s taken intense life-long training? Oh it’s just magic. You have to indicate ‘this is nothing to me’. That is a fundamental aspect of any performative skill. Actually it is something to me. I’m acting like I don’t care, because I know that this person wants to trigger me – I’ve killed any part of myself that cares about my interactions with this person. Consequences, consequences, consequences. The only thing that I value about this person has been revoked and they’re choosing to be deceitful about why. I know why, but they’re playing stupid. So am I.
This is a game I’m good at. If I’m playing against an equal adversary, we both come out nearly dead. Figuratively. The other person is not an equal adversary. They’re the kind of manipulative coward that would hide behind a schoolchild if it would buy them a little time. (But what use is time if you’ve never developed a good use for it?)

I’m thinking of getting one of those ‘sayings’ posters – that a Man is Only as Good as His Word. I could fill everything in, with every specific detail that you could ever want, but I don’t think I need to. I think this is some story you’ve experienced too.

[“As I said before – an eye for an eye. I’m a lot stronger than I look, you know.” – L, Deathnote]


I’ve been reorganising my bedroom and I absolutely adore it… I have an eye for colour… & detail. I’m exploring textures & introducing a new colour palette into my life. There’s beauty in every corner, almost!


I’m currently taking a break from tidying; which has been a real-life tetris game – I’ve been shifting furniture from one side to the other in increments, hoovering the tiny empty space and then dettol-blasting the germs. Any worth-while process – with guaranteed fabulous results – is gradual.


Patience is a virtue and uh. I’m not especially virtuous.


Blogging again (I’ve been on and off blogging and documenting my life for years although I stopped for quite some time..) has proven to be a really important and cathartic means of documenting my adventure in living a life in accord with the Laws of Attraction.



My bedroom is a good size for me – at present. I found a ‘handyman’ on Gumtree for a very reasonable price – who will be helping me dismantle my sister’s left over furniture & assembling my new bed. I’m excited for Monday!

I’ve always been taught that your bedroom is a reflection of your mind – which might be why I felt so out of sorts in my room in Copenhagen. Which was beautiful – but had a strong sense of ‘temporary’ about it. It was a good place to begin a healing process I think.


I’m listening to Death Note on YouTube right now. I’m on episode fourteen. I’m trying to teach myself not to hate Misa, trying to acknowledge some hidden intelligence in her. I’ve always identified as L, who is an interesting contrast to me personally. I would never work with the Police, I find them inherently corrupt. It’s actually depicted in the show itself – L is also corrupt, something indicated by his treatment of Misa – & the police condone it. Iunno, most people are too stupid to read into any narrative so even if I wanted to talk to people about the shows I liked I would probably end up rolling my eyes (I’m infantile like that, it’s a flaw that I *love*)
A friend – a fan of the series – years ago observed that L and I both ‘sit’ the same and have a penchant for sweet things. I’ve been having a savoury phase lately though.


[I’m now on episode fifteen!]

For most people, days pass in 24 hours.

[An ex of mine once told me about how these geniuses would explore with sleeping patterns – instead of sleeping through the night they would take naps every few hours & in doing so I suppose they could experience the energy of the varying times of the day?  The conversation related to productivity, it took place so many years ago now. 
At the time I was recovering from a break up and I’d spent many, many months asleep. I was authoring a fairytale that merged the mythologies of various geographies – I got to 14k words and stopped – and the fairy tale was lost years later. I know I have a better version of it in my mind.]

For me – a day can last for weeks.

I like sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning. I actually started this to-do list yesterday. I wish the ‘Notes’ section on apple products was true to time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 18.01.56.png